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Pride Cart FAQ

Question: How much does it cost to build a golf cart like I want?

That's up to you! You can tell us what you like on your cart and we will price it out with every option you choose to fit your budget! We can make subtle changes up or down without sacrificing Quality.

Question: How long does it take to build one for me?

In as little as 72 hours you can be driving your new cart! Starting from scratch!

Question: Why are you my best choice?

There are several reasons! We build our Custom Carts with American Made quality parts...not chinese as all others do. We build only QUALITY carts and we stand behind every cart we build. You will experience higher resale value because of the name and reputation of your builder. We also provide mobile service at your home should you need service in the future. I sell my parts to customers for far less than most others that are only worried about profit margins...I worry about reputation! My customers represent my future success. I hope this helps......Paul H.

Question: Can you restore my cart?

Yes we can! I will survey your chassis and give you an estimate to make her new again! I will also tell you if it is cost effective versus one of my builds and helping you sell your cart.

Question: I would like to surprise my wife, can you build one for me and deliver it to our home on our anniversary? I'm running out of gift ideas.

Yes...we have done this often...we love to do this! It comes with a BIG BOW!!

Question: Are golf cars reliable and safe on the road......I worry about my wife?

OUR CARTS ARE! I understand...yes they are very safe and very reliable when properly maintained.

Question: Do you take trade ins?

Yes we do take trade ins, we will even come to your home to appraise your trade if necessary!

Question: What brand is best? EZ-GO, Club Car, Yamaha, Others?

EZ-GO and Club Car share about 80% of the market place and they are Made in the USA.....the remaining 20% is shared with all other brands including Chinese brands like HDK, Zone and others....... *caution*........you get what you didn't pay for....... Chinese built and Quality are not words often used together.

Question: Is it true that American Brand Name Golf Carts retain higher resale value?

"Without any doubt American Brands retain better residual value!"